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What is Hospice?​

Hospice is healthcare that focuses on end of life care.  Hospice care, or palliative care, as it is often referred to, offers pain and symptom management and attends to emotional and spiritual needs at end of life.  

Who can be admitted into a hospice?

Patients who have been given a terminal diagnosis have the option to receive hospice care.

Why do people choose to go into hospice?

Patients given a terminal diagnosis may opt to go into hospice for many reasons.  Families may not be able to provide 24/7 care to their loved ones at home, the individual's end of life care may be too complex to manage at home, or a family may just want to ensure their loved one's end of life choices are honoured in a safe environment.

woman in bed with supportive friend

How do I get into hospice?

After receiving a palliative diagnosis, your physician will talk with you and your loved ones about the Fraser Health palliative care team.  This team will work on your behalf with the hospice and your physician to gain admission to hospice.  Admission will depend on the availability of beds in your area.  Once admitted, the palliative care team will consult with individuals and loved ones to determine a plan that makes patient comfort their top priority.

If you have questions about care for yourself or your loved one, we can help to answer those questions.  Please send an email to

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