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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Our hospice and bereavement support services are limited at this time.  In the near future we will offer additional programs and services to support our community.

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Grief Circle

When we ache from the loss of a loved one, we need to grieve, to give peace to the grief.  Using a variety of techniques, grief is explored in a small group setting, with time for each participant to share their grief journey.  Led by a professional counsellor, the groups sessions may be offered online or in person.

Grief Companions

When life gets in the way, it can feel like there is no time to sit and acknowledge your grief. When this happens, it can be helpful to carve out a specific time each week to pause, breathe, and process your grief. You will be matched with a trained Grief Companion volunteer and have a chance to meet via phone, online or in person at a time convenient to you. The volunteers, who are trained and supervised by a registered clinical counsellor, will listen and support participants through their grief journey.


Dealing with loss, uncertainty, and change, as well as having to make decisions associated with an advanced illness, can be as difficult as the physical pain. We offer a safe place to express negative and other emotions without being judged. Our specially trained counsellors provide individuals and/or their families in Delta with practical and emotional support during their grief journey.

Vigil Services

Vigil Services allow for family members and caregivers to take some time to rest, reflect and tend to any aspects of daily life knowing a caring person is at their loved ones bedside.  This involves a team of volunteers who make themselves available to sit at the loved ones bedside. Vigil services are provided to long term care homes as requested.

Therapeutic Touch®

Therapeutic Touch® can have a relaxing effect for those who are experiencing grief or anxiety.  Upon request, qualified volunteers offer Therapeutic Touch® to clients or residents.  Clients often find an improvement in their energy. 

Remembrance  Ceremonies

Our remembrance ceremonies are unique opportunities to honour your loved ones in a meaningful way.  These ceremonies are open to all residents of Delta, not only those served by the hospice residence.  Our events are designed to welcome people of all ages and are non-denominational.

Community Education

Through workshops and webinars, we aim to help educate our community on end-of life issues, including death, grief and loss, and related topics.  Partnering with allied healthcare professionals, these education sessions are open to the public and will feature end of life supports, advance planning, understanding hospice care, bereavement and more.

Relaxation Circle

This online program offers a connection with relaxation and mindfulness. Experience the calming effects of guided meditation set to soft music. The relaxation response can help with pain, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and more. Individuals who have been diagnosed with life limiting illnesses and those who are grieving. It is open to family and caregivers as well.  

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